The Video Game Business Conference

In 2009 the video games industry global revenue surpassed the movie and music industries combined and it is currently valued around $137 billion.

It became quite a complex industry in the last few years but it’s a highly attractive one to invest in and easily accessible to any investor because, right now, emerging talent is everywhere.

Today’s reality for financial investment in video games in Portugal is almost nonexistent compared to the international market, so we’re aiming to change that in the next 3 years. For that we created GameDev.Finance as a complement to the existing GameDev Camp event.

This year will be the first of three already planned, where we will give anyone the opportunity to understand this industry, to learn what works and doesn’t work, how and why.

The Speakers

Jeferson Valadares

Jeferson Valadares

A brief introduction to the $137B+ Video Game Industry

The Games market today is as diverse as ever, and it has many different ways to succeed. But it is also a very tough market, and making the right choice between which area to focus on can be the difference between a great success and an epic failure. The goal of this talk is to share some thoughts on how investors can pick the right places to increase their chances of success.

About Jeferson

A seasoned creative and business leader, Jeferson has directly managed teams in the US, the UK, Romania, Finland, and his native Brazil, plus partnered with teams in many other countries. He has worked at big global publishers such as EA and Bandai Namco, and with popular brands such as FIFA, Harry Potter, and Mass Effect. He recently moved to Lisbon to start a new game studio creating high-quality narrative voice games.

Christian Fonnesbech

What are investors looking for?

Christian Fonnesbech advises both Game Developers and investors – and has personally pitched 3000+ times. In this session, he will outline the patterns he sees repeated, again and again – among both developers and investors – and the ways to improve on them.

About Christian

Christian Fonnesbech is a strategic consultant for game developers and investors.

He currently advises and develops strategies for the game investor, Nordisk Film Games, as well as a number of independent developers. He has raised millions of Euros for game projects as well as producing and directing 36 game projects for advertising, learning and entertainment.