About the Talk


Sexism, gender norms and toxic masculinities

From developers and producers to characters and gamers, videogames are known to be a male dominated industry. In this talk, we’ll discuss how gender norms and gender roles, and more specifically toxic or hegemonic masculinities, influence this industry and its effect on different circumstances such as online harassment or backlash against representativeness and inclusion of minorities.

About the Speaker

Ângelo Fernandes began playing games on an Atari 2600, ZX Spectrum 128k +2 and a NES, and has never stopped since. Ever since the early days of Mario and Sonic, his interest for videogames only grew. During his adolescence, he worked on a videogames store which allowed him to play tons of different games on tons of different consoles (for example Atari’s Jaguar, which wasn’t that common and successful in Portugal). Later, in his late 20s, Ângelo started writing reviews and news for BGamer, MegaConsolas and PlayStation Magazine.

In 2016, Ângelo Fernandes founded Quebrar o Silêncio, the first Portuguese NGO specialized in supporting male survivors of sexual violence and rape. Human rights, gender equality and feminism activist, Ângelo works to deconstruct the traditional values of masculinity and to promote caring and transformative masculinities. He supports the active participation of men and boys in the promotion and achievement of an equitable society in which women and men enjoy full equality of rights and opportunities.