About the Talk

Multiplayer on a Budget

Adding online multiplayer to Strikers Edge was a big challenge, and Diogo is here to talk about the long journey between the ideas and the final result, looking into the several problems of turning a couch game into a multi-platform, cross-play online game.

About the Speaker

Diogo has been making games since the early 1990s, although he only went pro in 1998.
He organized some of Portugal’s first game development events, and has been known for taking every opportunity he has to talk about games!

More recently, he’s a senior developer for Fun Punch Games, where he coded the AI, multiplayer and shader effects for Strikers Edge, and other undisclosed projects.

He’s also been teaching at World Academy and Universidade Lusófona, because he didn’t have enough things to keep him busy!

He loves walks on the beach, sunsets… sorry, sorry, just kidding… He loves playing games, talking about games, making games and sometimes he even does non-games related stuff!