About the Talk


Bringing the real world into a game

  • How photogrammetry can be used to create highly realistic 3D models which can be used in a game engine.
  • Photogrammetry vs 3D modelling.
  • Advantages and limitations.
  • Practical examples

About the Speaker

Architect, 3D artist and teacher. His passion for video games started at a very young age, since he played his first time on a Videopac, in the late 70’s.

On the next decade he programmed a few games for the ZX Spectrum and made his first 3D model on a Commodore Amiga.

In the 90’s, during his degree in architecture he improved his modelling skills and started working in 3D architectural visualization.

In 2012, he decided to get back into 3D for games, so he started polishing his skills and learning new workflows, adjusted for real time rendering.

He also started exploring photogrammetry, as a way to produce ultra realistic 3D models for use in game engines. Filipe Gonçalves is Lecturer in IPLeiria, BSC, “Jogos Digitais e Multimédia”, and also a freelancer 3D artist.