About the Talk

How to showcase a game that doesn’t exist

In 2017 a non-existent game was showcased at a public venue with more than 50K visitors. This is the story of how that experiment came to be, why it was done, how it was done, and what resulted from it.

About the Speaker

Portuguese software developer/game designer born in Switzerland.

Founded “Not a Game Studio”, a multidisciplinary atelier of interactive media, where he currently works as a producer, game designer, and software developer.

Co-founded A Ludoteca, a Portuguese collective for amateur and professional game developers.

Worked as an AR and VR Software Developer at Cycloid.
Worked as a VR Software Developer at 360 Play.
Worked as developer, game designer, and UX designer at Stratera Studio.
Worked as a game journalist, essayist, and editor at Rubber Chicken.

Is an experimentalist at heart, a game jam and “alt game” enthusiast.
Has devoted a large portion of his life to researching artistic/non-traditional game design, especially within the fields of alternate reality games, roleplaying games, live-action games and ludic psychodramas.