About the Talk

Broadcast your Success

How Devs can use broadcasts to livestream audiences as a powerful marketing and UA tool.

About the Speaker

In the Gaming Industry for more than 10 years as Key Account Manager, Katleen took new, fresh start, heading for innovative adventures and exciting challenges in January 2017! 4EversGames was born! Katleen’s job is all about the Day-to-Day life of PC Games with worldwide partners, supervising setups and promotions, hunting down one-shot deals and coordinating awesome business opportunities. 4EversGames’s drive is to help, assist and advice Studios with their games and the digital distribution of their PC content. Chasing investments and scouting games is also part of 4EversGames’ activity, as well as representing specific Platforms or Development tools like Genvid Technologies. Creating a unique partnership, heading for prodigious, future adventures, that’s the goal of 4EversGames. “Games and Passion”.