About the Talk

How Not to Make Video Games

This talk is a guide on how to make games, by focusing on what not to do. There’s a lot that can go wrong during the development of a game.

Leonor will be covering how to incorrectly plan a game, keep team morale down, react poorly to feedback and more in the worlds first post-mortem of ‘An Aztec Tale’, an award winning game that never saw a release. She will also cover where we went from there and potentially a few of the things we’re currently doing right (maybe).

About the Speaker

Two times winner of the Portuguese PlayStation Talents Awards for the category of Best Children’s Game. She has gone on to start her own company, Vertical Reach.

Vertical Reach has launched Yuso and Tangrams Deluxe across PC, Switch, iOS and Android. Her team’s currently working towards the release of Apex Arena.