About the Talk


An Interactive musical metaphor for the human (dis)connection.

Uranus is an interactive musical concept, in which players become performers in a surreal conflict, based on a spherical landscape, and build upon numerology and cosmological symbolism.

About the Speaker

Miguel Cintra aka Blipperactive is an independent musician, composer, sound designer, and performer, who has been mostly creating music and sound design for video games and other interactive media.
He composed and produced the original soundtracks and sound design for many video games on multiple platforms, highlighting Super Bit Dash (iOS/Android) and Greedy Guns (Pc/Mac/Linux) from Tio Atum (of which he’s also co-founder) and Strikers Edge (Steam/PS4), awarded by Sony PlayStation, from Fun Punch.
As a performer, he brings these and other soundscapes to the stage, with interactive and generative video projection from some artists/programmers.