About the Talk

Let Your Modders Do The Talking

Rich Metson believes videogames are the perfect medium for authentically exploring a political issue *with* your audience. Drawing on his experience developing Off Grid, an extensively moddable stealth hacking game about this Patriot Act, Googling, IoT hot-mess of a world, Rich will take you through how you can make a game moddable so that it puts the power of discussion of your theme firmly in the hands of your players.

This session will cover:
-Why allowing players to tell their stories in a dialogue with the developer is more powerful than telling your story to them in a diatribe
-What systems are important to open up to modding
-How to give players compelling tools for discussion of a political subject
-How to reflect an issue with the appropriate depth by involving yourself in the culture you are exploring
-How the Off Grid team’s involvement in hacker culture and open source communities has impacted development of the game.

About the Speaker

Rich is co-founder of Semaeopus, a small but mighty, award winning indie games studio, named one of the CE50 Top 50 creative and innovative companies in England. Rich has a diverse background, having started out welding sculpture for world renowned artists he went on to work as a technical artist in Film and TV, as a freelance animator and Unity developer, and an assistant producer at BBC Worldwide Games. Rich has guest lectured at two of the UK’s top creative universities, Central Saint Martins and the National Film and Television School. His writing and commentary on politics, art and the future of videogames is published in the Computer Games Journal.