About the Talk

From AAA to Indie… twice!

Steve will discuss the benefits and the pitfalls of transitioning from AAA to indie, and back, relating experience he has gained from his time in both. This will encompass moving from Sony Liverpool to an indie micro studio, the lessons learned working on Fate of the World, and reacquainting himself with working on LittleBigPlanet 3 at Sumo Digital – what AAA skills provide real value to indie teams, and what indie developers can bring to significantly larger teams. A misty eyed view of the indie scene in 2010 compared to now will be included for free!

About the Speaker

Veteran of the UK AAA games industry, Steve Allen is the programming bedrock of Semaeopus, taking his extensive development experience and using it to help craft and shape Off Grid into the game it deserves to be. Steve grew up near Birmingham, and first experienced programming on the Acorn Archimedes, dissecting code published in magazines, and of course playing many of the Britsoft titles of the 90’s. Eventually he would go on to study Computer Science at Manchester University, leading to a job at Sony Liverpool. He has a long held love of all things Final Fantasy, and currently plays far too much Overwatch for his liking. Away from technology, Steve is a keen orchestral trumpet player, and is in the development squad for Great Britain’s sitting volleyball team.