Guest Announcement #5

September 13, 2018
Cristian Chihaia
Greg Buchanan

Hmmm… what do we have here?!

This week we bring you another [insert_awesome_adjective_here] roster of top industry performers that we’re pretty sure you’ll love.

Josh Naylor needs no introduction. This GameDev Camp veteran, Lead Unity Evangelist and overall incredible person, will share his thoughts on a new cross platform ARCore/ARkit framework that you can use for your Unity AR projects.

Cristian “Sickbrush” Chihaia is an Art Director and Concept Artist, currently working at Ubisoft, and he’s responsible by many hits that you most likely already played over and over again. Cristian will share his experience and vision on how to tackle art direction in order to create lasting IPs and visual products.

Last but not least, Greg Buchanan, a talented writer and responsible by numerous enthralling narratives that, again, you have probably already played.
Ever wanted to know how to write for videogames and interactive media?
Always wanted to have more tools at your disposal in order to grab the attention of your players?
Then this talk is right up your alley.

Excited? So are we.