Guest Announcement #7

September 23, 2018
Diogo Andrade
Ricardo Correia
Filipe Gonçalves

Three new incredible Portuguese speakers announced

Today we are happy to announce three very interesting Portuguese speakers, and they are:
Diogo Andrade and his talk is about how easy it is to add multiplayer functionality into a game, likely the easiest part of the whole development! Yes, he totally said this…
Ricardo Correia, his objective is simple, to give the indie market the voice it deserves, and he’ll tell you all about his journey to try and achieve that objective, no matter what.
Filipe Gonçalves will tell you all about how to achieve ultra realistic 3D models usable in game engines. You’ll be stunned with the amazing results that can be achieved with these techniques.
And to conclude this announcement I would like to leave a big

thank you

to every speaker who accepted our invitation, it’s thanks to all of you that every year we are able to make something great.
Hey! This doesn’t mean we’re finished with announcing speakers, we have a bunch of them that are still going to be announced, so stay around! 😉