Guest Announcement #8

September 25, 2018
Jeferson Valadares
Gary Bracey

Learn all about the video games industry with these three very experienced speakers.

This is our first year doing GDCamp for two full days and thanks to that this event will be the second biggest we did in the amount of talks available!
We’re very proud of all the work being done and we hope you enjoy it.
But we’ve been noticing a trend during these past few years, every time we invite Portuguese investors they readily refuse, so we asked why and they told us that they know nothing about the video game industry and so they don’t feel comfortable considering it a possible investment. It is a fair point and it gave us an idea…
For the next three years we’ll create a parallel group of talks available for everyone at the event, but more targeted to teach these Portuguese investors about the industry, no strings attached, no need to invest. We called this “track” the GameDev.Finance.
This is the first year for this “micro-event” born inside GDCamp, and we’ll be doing it for the next two years.
We expect some investors to show up but since it’s the first year our expectations are very contained for now, but that didn’t stopped us from pulling some big guns, so here are three incredible speakers!
Jeferson Valadares will firstly do a brief introduction about the video game industry and then he’ll tell you about how you can make money with games. His experience working all over the world in video games is perfect to give you a broad stroke of what the industry actually is and how to make the better of it.
Christian Fonnesbech asks you if you know what investors are looking for, so do you? If there’s someone around that does it’s Christian, with over 3000 pitches under his belt and a network of contacts on both sides of the coin, you’ll learn a lot in this short presentation.
Gary Bracey is a veteran that has never stopped evolving as the game industry did, during the 80’s and 90’s he was Head of Development at Ocean Software, just the biggest developers and publishers of that time. Just imagine the stories he can tell you!
I know, I know, this announcement was a tad bit bigger than usual but it’s because I’m very excited.
We still have more speakers to announce, until then thank you for all your support. 🙂