You’ve been asking so we answer

September 14, 2018

How are the ticket sales going?

Here you can see a graph representing the the current ticket sales rhythm and bellow is a status bar of where we are at for our targeted amount of visitors right now.

Our target


If we use last year as an example then we should expect a boom of ticket sales during the days right before the event.

Where's the schedule?

Next week the schedule will be released, meanwhile you can count on the following details for both days:

At 9:30 am we’ll be checking people in.

Right after at 10:00 am the first activity begins.

The last activity of the day begins at 7:00 pm.

Other activities outside of schedule are likely to happen like groups gathering to have dinner together, going out for drinks, etc.

  • Airborn Studios
  • A Praga
  • Battlesheep
  • CD Projekt Red
  • Collide
  • Cracked Egg Games
  • Digital Arrow
  • Fabamaq
  • Fluxogramadigital
  • Fun Punch
  • Hello Games
  • Infinity Games
  • Lagartinha Studios
  • Marmalade Game Studios
  • Massive Galaxy Studios
  • Nerd Monkeys
  • Noctical Studios
  • Nordisk
  • North and South Studio
  • Not a Game Studio
  • Shattered Box
  • Shining
  • Stardrop Development
  • The Dalai Gamer
  • Ubisoft
  • Unity
  • Unloop
  • Upfall Studios
  • Vertical Reach
  • Whales And Games
  • Wit Software

Who's going to be present at the event?

This is an odd question as it does not concern the speakers per se but the actual attendees. As such, we would be doing some very hard detective work instead of making a great event if we were to respond this at 100%. Nonetheless, we know for sure that a few companies are attending and therefore we challenge you to meet them all. Here’s a shortlist.

This doesn’t mean they’ll have a stand at the showcase area, it just means someone from this business is confirmed to be attending the event.

Also, this isn’t a complete list, some people opted to not divulge the company they work at, several are indies/freelancers and others are students in videogame courses.

We promote networking so we challenge you to find everyone on this list.

Got to catch them all!